Why should we support the Michigan Witches Ball

by Mistress Belladonna aka Kenya Coviak

There are a large amount of great times and good fundraisers going on in Pagan Michigan right now. Chief among them are usually the food drives and human interest stories. However, there is a special quality to supporting the ball that speaks to a unique need in our community. The Michigan-Midwest Witches Ball expressly supports the Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund.

This fund was the natural evolution, and legacy, of the Tempest Smith Foundation’s works, and continues to serve the families of Michigan in noble spirit. Through the tireless efforts of Gordon Ireland, and the Board of Governors of the Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund, two awards have been given to young scholars as of 2015 CE. In the form of $500 recurring grants for four years, it is a critical resource that must be renewed in order to facilitate tomorrows thinkers, dreamers, builders, artists, and mystics.

The ball has made the honorable stand of donating a dollar per ticket to the fund. This is about $500 per year, and is the most visible supporter in the communities. Not to be discounted, however, is the ongoing support of the Magical Education Council. They have pledged $500 per year. So that covers just a little, but this does not help with administrative costs, reporting, logistics, or even continuing the selection and award process for a third winner.

Support in the forms of donations through drawings at the famous Gatherings of Pagans by the Witches of Michigan continually chip away at the maintenance concerns. Goodhearted and generous folk of many paths come together each month to assist with the mission of keeping it going. Through raffles, and even straight gifting, the group, and it’s partner the Universal Society of Ancient Ministry, keeps grinding away with innovative and inspired efforts. With Rev. Gerrybrete at the helm, we expect great things.

A community based style partnership has also bloomed between Pagan Pride Day Detroit and the fund as well. It’s annual tea cup drawing has been dedicated to the fund. The organizers at Pagan Pride Detroit, Inc. have thrown their full support in getting on board with this cause.

But these groups alone are not enough. The ball, while the event of the Midwest, is not going to sponsor itself. It needs support. It needs the support of the communities and societies that make up Pagan Michigan. It needs the sponsorship of the local businesses, whether brick and mortar or online entities, in order to secure the material resources that it needs to facilitate the fete. If you are so moved to do so, you can find the information by following this link.

It needs people to commit to buying the tickets and attending. It needs people to say that they support its donation goals in the form of advertising, patronage, or even just promotion. Because it is more than just the “Pagan Prom” now, it is the bridge to college and beyond. They need a hero. Is it you?

Full Disclosure: This writer is affiliated with multiple organizations and projects in the Michigan, and other, Pagan communities. This includes the USAM and the ball itself. If you want to know more about this writer’s activities, message her.

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