Michigan Pagan Scholarship is Pleased to Announce it’s 2018 Scholarship Winner

We would like to thank the following organizations for stepping up to insure that the Pagan Scholarship Fund continues:

Magical Educational Council
Candle Wick Shoppe
Coventry Creations
Michigan Witches’ Ball
Little Truths
Artes & Crafts
Wolf Run Spiritual Sancutary

The Michigan Pagan Scholarship purpose is to recognize and encourage young Pagans. Only one scholarships is awarded each year, Winners must demonstrate evidence of leadership, and engage in community service.

We are pleased to inform you that Kristen Newcombe has been selected by the 2018 Michigan Pagan Scholarship as this year’s winner.

Kristine is from Remus, Michigan and attending Ferris State University. The following reasons are why I am applying for this scholarship. The first is growing up in a Christian community was difficult. The community always had perceived views of what Pagan means. Also, there were always people who looked down on my family for being openly pagan. Even into adulthood I still meet people with misguided beliefs that Pagans or Wiccans are heathens who dance around naked and curse those who have wronged them. The second is the money would help pay for books and assist in stabilizing me as a college student. Along with advocating for those who can’t, it lead me to look into teaching as a profession.

Read her winning Essay’s
Being Pagan @ http://pagancollegescholarship.org/being-pagan/
Advertisings Effect on Children @ http://pagancollegescholarship.org/advertisings-effect-on-children/

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