Get Involved

One of the key goals of The Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund mission is to activate, motivate and otherwise engage young people to become active participants in their education.

The fact of the matter is this – we simply cannot do this alone.

Take a look below and please contact us if there is a way you would like to get involved with us that you don’t see listed.

Charity Raffle
Would you like to benefit a great cause and at the same time get rid of the clutter in your basement or garage? Donate to The Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund ‘s upcoming Charity Raffle, where the proceeds will go to benefit The Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund.

Be A Mule
Dress up like a donkey and… wait a minute… we’re kidding! But we ARE always in need of people willing to act as mules for us.

Finding places to have our Donation Boxes has been and will continue to be one of our biggest challenges. One of the most effective ways we do this is by piggybacking people traveling to stores in Michigan. It’s a great way to get “hands on” with the Future of pagan Kids

Traveling sometime soon and think you could be a mule? We want to talk to you!

Host a Fund Drive
The Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund is always looking for individuals, groups, schools, covens, business or other communities that would be willing to hold a fund raising drive.

We’ve seen everything from small birthday parties to large pagan event involvement. And it ALL matters just the same.

Think you could help us out? Let us know!

Speak On Behalf Of Pagan Scholarships
Being a willing voice for the voiceless and speaking on behalf of the orphan is one of the biggest things we ask for. We can’t do this alone.

If you have an opportunity or a platform to speak from we would love to talk to you to see how we could work together to spread the good news about caring for Pagan Children Education and Future

Spread the Word
The easiest thing we can ask you to do

We know how important your social network is. We totally understand. That’s why involving your network of friends and family in what your heart is passionate for is such a huge donation.

Like us on Facebook, share us on your Facebook page, Twitter, eGroup, Myspace, Pinterest, Tumblr, your website, blog, podcast, ezine, Email all your friends

Would you consider sharing a tweet or a status? If you do, definitely let us know!

Donate Your Time
Time doesn’t come cheap – and we respect that. That’s why we get super pumped when people decide to get involved with us. Investing your time? That’s HUGE.

Contact us so we can chat about how we can work together to make some noise for the scholarship program!

Show Me the Money!
We are always raising money, Even though we do not currently have any scholarships listed we still do need funds for future scholarship prizes. We ask for any size of donation ranging from $5.00 to any given amount. If everyone that visits this site donates $5.00 we will have enough funds for a few years to help those who need scholarship help.

Have a company, and want to make yearly Donations Go Here