The following are requirements that must be met in order to qualify for any scholarships that are offered prior to and during scholarship decisions. Please remember failure to keep all requirements current may result in your applications being denied.

The following are standard requirements for all scholarships:

Applicant must be at least an equivalent of a Senior (Grade 12) in an Public High School, Private High School, or Home School Program. We will not accept any applicants under the age of 16 unless special circumstances say that they are in fact enrolled as a Junior status in above said schools/programs.

Applicant must be involved in the Pagan community either being in a Coven, Study Circle, or Solitary status and have been for at least 1 years.

Applicant must be able to provide upon request eligible proof of said Pagan Community Involvement either by a High Priestess/Priest, Teacher, or Parent/Legal Guardian with a written statement including the number of years known in the Pagan Community. Applicant must also be able to provide information obtaining to the coven of which applicant is a member of, if applicable, pertaining to their degree and initiation date.

Applicant must provide a present copy of High School transcript, (a copy of a HSED or GED certificate will also be accepted), complete with grade information and grade point average. Must at least obtained a 2.5 GPA. (Special circumstances under which this is not required is of an applicant being enrolled in a program of which there is no GPA but is based on a Pass or Fail system, such programs that qualify would be Alternative High Schools.)

Applicants must currently be enrolled or accepted for any nationally accredited technical college, general college, university

A note to all applicants, some of the scholarships may require additional requirements or may not require some of the above requirements, please read through the scholarships offered carefully to find out what exactly they require. Failure to do so may cause your application to be discarded and not considered for scholarships. For any other questions regarding the above requirements please use the Scholarship Questions link located on our Contacts page.