Who are we?

The Pagan Scholarship Fund is a small pagan non-profit organization established by the Midwest Witches Ball and Witches of Michigan to help those who wish to further their education with a Technical College, Two Year Entry College, Four Year College, or other training with an established nationally accredited school. We provide scholarships based on an individual need and on the individual’s application process.

Who is able to apply?
The Pagan Scholarship Fund is open to all members of the Pagan community in Michigan. Individuals who wish to apply for a chance at winning a scholarship must be at least 17, or senior in high school, or older. We do not have a set age at where our scholarships are not available; however, those who are under the age of 18 will have their parent, grandparent, or other legal guardian receive the funds, which then will be distributed to the educational institution. Under special programs individuals who are younger then 17 may apply if they are classified as a junior or senior of their school. Students whom are home schooled, have a GED, or are involved with Alternative education are encouraged to apply.

Why the Pagan Scholarship Fund?
Tempest Smith Foundation (TSF), offered a scholarship to local pagan kids here in Michigan, as of 2/2014 they will be closing their doors. The Witches of Michigan and The Midwest Witches Ball have been long time supporters of TSF. As it is no longer to be there we have decided to carryon the tradition TSF started.

Where do we get our funding from?
This is a good question; with the pagan community out there I am hoping to see a lot of people interested in helping. How you ask? By donating something, anything will help. What do I mean by donating, anything? Help us by helping you. We need funds for the scholarships that we wish to have available to those who need it. We need funds to help keep this fund up and running. You can help us by donating money, any amount will do. If we get 500 people donating five dollars in one month we will have enough money to offer a few nice size scholarships or many little scholarships. Even if you don’t have the money there are other ways to help us out. Spread the word around in your own pagan community, let people know that we are in fact out there and need their help. There are people out there that want to go to college and we want to help them meet their goal, but we can’t do it without you.

The Midwest Witches’ Ball has committed to donating $1 for every ticket sold to their annual event (average 500 attendees). Plus the Midwest Witches Ball will also $be auctioning off the altar from the Ball yearly Paula & Gordon Ireland have committed to donating $250 a year, plus covering website fees and domain name fees.  The Magical Education Council (The fine people who give us Convocation,  and the Pagan Picnic, along with Beyond the Veil) have committed to $500.00 a year.    Pagan Pride Detroit has also has committed to donate all proceeds from their annual raffle to the College Fund.

To have annual scholarships, eventually will need to raise a minimum of 2,500 a year.